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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) refers to the management of your organization’s paper output devices, such as copiers, printers, and fax machines. The Allied Business Solutions program covers everything from servicing your printer and toner to parts and other consumable supplies. Typically, businesses spend between 1-3 percent of their yearly revenue on document generation without ever monitoring these expenditures. Our MPS program is a way for your company to control device fleet costs. Ultimately, MPS is a means to improve your business processes and drive down your costs.

Allied Business Solutions Three W’s of Print Management


Increase efficiency as well as reduce the overall costs of running your printing devices. Departmental printers are less expensive to operate than small, desktop printers. By positioning appropriately-sized workgroup printers and multifunction systems throughout your organization you enhance company effectiveness.


Know when to upgrade and improve your equipment. As organizations grow, it is very common for new devices to be brought into service without recycling or replacing old devices. This creates a mixed environment of old and new devices which may require different management techniques and tools. By standardizing your device platforms, management of your printing equipment can be made much simpler.


The smaller the rated print volume is on a particular device, the more expensive that device is. A lot of employees are accustomed to the personal convenience of desktop printers and don’t understand the impact it makes to the organization’s bottom line. By reducing the number of personal desktop printers, you save the time needed to manage so many different devices and save money through the consolidation of print volume as well as toner, parts and device maintenance.

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