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Mailing Equipment

Allied offers new and used mailing equipment and software solutions for all levels of mail production. We can also customize solutions just for your organization’s needs.

To keep your mail moving quickly and efficiently we offer the following products:

Mailing Machines:

FP mailing machines are ready to tackle your toughest mail task. They can handle addressing, labeling, barcoding and even postage in just a few quick steps. These machines meet all USPS requirements and can easily making your mail services more time and cost efficient.

Folding Machines:

Manually preparing invoices or brochures can be very time consuming. Using FP folding machines, you can provide your office with a quick and cost-effective way to prepare materials for mailing.


Nothing is more important in today’s world than maintaining the security of sensitive and confidential materials. With shredders from Allied Business Solutions, you can ensure your sensitive documents don’t get in the wrong hands.

For an analysis of your mailing needs, contact Allied today!