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Document and Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Allied Business Solutions offers M-Files® the industry’s most advanced ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT system that provides the capability to easily capture, index, search, retrieve, route to workflow and archive all of your electronic documents and information.

The M-Files® system rises above simple document management by using character recognition to intelligently manage information based on content rather than type of file. With M-files® you’ll increase efficiency and organization at your company, while saving money and eliminating the stress of paper-document overload. Implementing an enterprise content management system will improve organization and workflow process, maximize time and provide up to 20% cost savings.

Watch the video to see how M-Files makes it easy to manage, find and track your documents and business processes.

Major Benefits of The M-Files® content management system include:

Allied can streamline your document process with an efficient content management system that provides reliability, security and mobile user access methods. This will allow you to eliminate paper based file storage systems which will ultimately give your organization more productivity and efficiency. M-Files® has suites tailored for the unique needs of industries such as law, accounting, medicine, engineering, architecture and more.